In Memory

Mike Myszkowski

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05/02/10 06:55 PM #1    

Greg Schwem

Mike was more than just an actor; he was a student of the theatre. He was always observing and studying people.  I'm sure he would have pursued acting as he certainly had the tools to make it a career.

05/09/10 01:54 PM #2    

Lisa Laney

Mike was one of the guys who could always make me laugh in grade school - particularly when I wanted nothing more than to hide in the girl's room - and never seemed to take anything too personally.  I've thought for some time that the kids I went to grade school with are the best kind of friends, because we knew each other at our most insecure - and as a result, when the jabs were most acutely felt - and we still like each other :).  One of the things I loved and admired most about Mike was that he would always lessen the sting of those jabs by making it a joke, and usually turned it around to something kind, even when we were 10.  So he probably had a bigger role in all of us still liking each other than any of us know.  He was an old soul, with a light and happy heart that he shared willingly.  A sweet man, and a dear friend.

08/13/10 02:00 PM #3    

Arlene Jackson (Glavas)

Mike was quite simply and profoundly my best friend at PHS.  We walked homedown Kensington avenue and talked about everything. He was one of the most intelligent and genuinely creative people I have ever known.  I love you my friend, you will always be with me. - Arlene

09/16/10 07:54 PM #4    

Tami L. Stadler (Williams)

Mike and I were in band Freshman year together and struck up a very fun and friendly relationship.  I remember the Florida Band Trip and that was especially silly and will be a memory of Mike I will always have.  He was a true and beautiful person.  He was a tresure that will be missed.

09/18/10 11:36 PM #5    

Thomas Caulfield

I remember Mike and I doing a scene from the "The Importance of being Ernest" for a Lit class..  Rehearsed it in my P's porch for days to get it right..  He was a natural..  When we performed it for the class...  I was accused of reading my lines from the newspaper I held as a prop..  I was steamed.  Mike calmed me down and said that I sold the scene, I was supposed to be reading the paper in the scene... Forget what they say... "You were good."


It may take awhile...But, I will see you someday... 

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