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Karen Kason

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04/25/10 01:43 PM #1    

Lisa Laney

Susie Kason told my sister about this at their 30th, so I don't know all the details, but I believe it was lung cancer, probably in about 2007.

Karen was beautiful, a cheerleader, the Queen at some dance or another, but I'm going to beg some indulgence, because Karen was also a rare person, and I don't want to see her remembered for those superficial, passing things.

Karen dated one of my best friends, John Brien, in H.S., and as a result, she and I were often the only two girls amidst a huge group of guys, so we got to know each other well and became very good friends. She was one of the most genuine, sincere, and compassionate people I knew in H.S., and had that very rare quality of not being overly concerned about what people thought of her - which is even more rare, I think, in a teenager.  She had a fast and wicked wit that could turn an awkward or even ugly situation into a laugh-so-hard-that-you-cry moment.  But the strongest feeling-memory I have of Karen was her unique ability to make a person feel like they were better than they thought they were - at least, that's how she always made me feel, even when she was letting me know I was being a shit, which is a true talent :). (And she did, on more than one occasion, need to let me know that I was being a shit!)  I know she never lost that gift, because when I saw her at our 20th, she immediately made me feel like I was the most important person at the party ... and we all know how true that wasn't!

There isn't a person on our In Memory list that I don't have wonderful memories of, and that I didn't love dearly - the other three there right now were my old classmates from St. Raymond's, so they were all big parts of 12 years of my life and important to me - but because of Karen's physical beauty and talents, I'm fairly sure that too many would only remember her for that.  I just wanted to be sure you all knew what a rarity Karen was, and that a piece of our world is less beautiful because she's not in it.  Thanks for the indulgence.

05/11/10 07:04 AM #2    

Frank Macioce

Karen was an amazing person who had a heart of gold, we had many laughs together & I am very sad that she is gone, I know many will miss her.

05/11/10 11:49 PM #3    

Lynette Garrett

Karen was the first girl I met at PHS after leaving St Emilys....she was beautiful and had a georgeous smile...I will never forget how she always pulled on her eye to squint whenever she lost or did not have her contacts in....funny how life sets you up to think you will see someone again...somewhere down the line...then.................God Bless You Kase..........

09/14/10 12:59 PM #4    

Nancy Busch (Laterza)

I agree with all that has been said about Karen Kason.  She was a truly beautiful person, both inside and out.  She was a blast to be with, and not judgemental in the least.  I kept in touch with her after high school on and off....she was an interior designer and author, and very talented and creative. She was a mother of two boys I think, one of whom had extremely challenging physical issues that took so much time, love, care, devotion to handle on a daily basis...hearing her tell stories of her little boy and his challenges and all she had to do would bring tears to my lucky her children were to have her for a mother.  What a great woman and tragic loss.  She is truly missed.

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